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Florida Vacation Villas, Inc. was founded in 1990. We bring over 20 years of experience to our clients and guests, and have been active in the Central Florida vacation home market for 2 decades, making finding the perfect holiday hideaway simple & affordable.

Florida Vacation Villas offer more value, privacy, and convenience than a hotel or resort - here's why:


Florida Vacation Villas

  • Typically only one bedroom/one bathroom per room, less than ideal for families or groups
  • Less privacy due to shared entrances, lobbies, stairways & elevators/lifts
  • More noise due to high concentration of guests in same areas & buildings
  • Limited or no kitchen facilities, making guests rely more on restaurants
  • Pool/whirlpool access shared with all guests, including kids
  • Limited amenities & hotel entrance accessibility for security reasons, especially late evening
  • Multiple bedrooms/bathrooms in all homes, ideal for families and groups

  • Separate entrances, balconies & walkways ensure privacy

  • Private homes provide more peace & quiet

  • Full kitchen facilities allow guests to prepare & enjoy meals & snacks at home or around the pool

  • Pool homes provide private & personal access exclusively for home guests

  • Guests can enjoy amenities & overall home access at any hour with no restrictions



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